1-15-2009 3 d transition metal doping of semiconducting boron carbides

  title={1-15-2009 3 d transition metal doping of semiconducting boron carbides},
  author={Peter A. Dowben and Orhan Kizilkaya and Jing Liu and Benjamin W. Montag and I F Sabirianov},
The introduction metallocenes, in particular ferrocene (Fe(η-C5H5)2), cobaltocene (Co(η-C5H5)2), and nickelocene (Ni(η-C5H5)2), together with the carborane source molecule closo-1,2-dicarbadodecaborane, during plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, will result in the transition metal doping of semiconducting boron carbides. Here we report using ferrocene to introduce Fe dopants, and a semiconducting boron-carbide homojunction has been fabricated. The diode characteristics are very similar… CONTINUE READING

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