1 1 0 M ay 2 00 1 Super D-Helix

  title={1 1 0 M ay 2 00 1 Super D-Helix},
  author={Jin-Ho Cho and Phillial Oh},
We study ‘Myers effect’ for a bunch of D1-branes with IIB superstrings moving in one direction on it. We show that the ‘blown-up’ configuration is the spinning helical D1-brane. It is self-supported from collapse by the momentum flow on it. The tilting angle of the helix is determined by the number of D1-branes. The radius of the helix is stabilized to a certain value depending on the number of D1-branes and the momentum carried by IIB superstrings. This is actually T-dual version of supertube… CONTINUE READING