1 0 Ju n 20 05 Geometry of Optimal Control Problems and Hamiltonian Systems

  title={1 0 Ju n 20 05 Geometry of Optimal Control Problems and Hamiltonian Systems},
  author={Andrei A. Agrachev},
These notes are based on the mini-course given in June 2004 in Cetraro, Italy, in the frame of a C.I.M.E. school. Of course, they contain much more material that I could present in the 6 hours course. The goal was to give an idea of the general variational and dynamical nature of nice and powerful concepts and results mainly known in the narrow framework of Riemannian Geometry. This concerns Jacobi fields, Morse’s index formula, Levi Civita connection, Riemannian curvature and related topics. I… CONTINUE READING

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