1 kW 1 mJ eight-channel ultrafast fiber laser.

  title={1 kW 1 mJ eight-channel ultrafast fiber laser.},
  author={Michael M{\"u}ller and Marco Kienel and Arno Klenke and Thomas Gottschall and Evgeny Shestaev and Marco Pl{\"o}tner and Jens Limpert and Andreas T{\"u}nnermann},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={41 15},
An ultrafast fiber chirped-pulse amplifier comprising eight coherently combined amplifier channels is presented. The laser delivers 1 kW average power at 1 mJ pulse energy and 260 fs pulse duration. Excellent beam quality and low-noise performance are confirmed. The laser has proven suitable for demanding scientific applications. Further power scaling is possible right away using even more amplifier channels. 

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