05-02 The Australian SCAP Study: real-world schizophrenia - economics.

  title={05-02 The Australian SCAP Study: real-world schizophrenia - economics.},
  author={William S Montgomery and Paul B. Fitzgerald and Anthony R A de Castella and Kate M Filia and Sacha L Filia and Laura Christova and Jayashri Kulkarni},
  journal={Acta neuropsychiatrica},
  volume={18 6},
Background: The treatment of patients with schizophrenia consumes a considerable proportion of health service budgets. Despite this, there have been few attempts to prospectively analyze the costs associated with schizophrenia and the relationship of these to clinical outcomes. Methods: Direct health care costs were prospectively studied in a cohort of 347 patients with schizophrenia in Dandenong, Australia, over 3 years. Indirect costs were estimated from patient’s self-reported information… CONTINUE READING