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0 Se p 20 16 Coupling WW , ZZ unitarized amplitudes to γγ in the TeV region

  title={0 Se p 20 16 Coupling WW , ZZ unitarized amplitudes to $\gamma$$\gamma$ in the TeV region},
  author={Rafael L. Delgado and Antonio Dobado and Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada},
We define and calculate helicity partial-wave amplitudes for processes linking the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Sector (EWSBS) to γγ, employing (to NLO) the Higgs-EFT (HEFT) extension of the Standard Model and the Equivalence Theorem, while neglecting all particle masses. The resulting amplitudes can be useful in the energy regime (500GeV−3TeV). We also deal with their unitarization so that resonances of the EWSBS can simultaneously be described in the γγ initial or final states. Our resulting… 
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