0 Re-entrant ferroelectricity in liquid crystals

  title={0 Re-entrant ferroelectricity in liquid crystals},
  author={Damian Pociecha and Ewa Gorecka and Mojca {\vC}epi{\vc} and Nata{\vs}a Vaupoti{\vc} and Bo{\vs}tjan Žek{\vs} and Dieter Kardas and J{\'o}zef Mieczkowski},
The ferroelectric (Sm C *) – antiferroelectric (Sm C * A) – reentrant ferroelectric (re Sm C *) phase temperature sequence was observed for system with competing synclinic-anticlinic interactions. The basic properties of this system are as follows (1) the Sm C * phase is metastable in temperature range of the Sm C * A stability (2) the double inversions of the helix handedness at Sm C * – Sm C * A and Sm C * A – re-Sm C * phase transitions were found (3) the threshold electric field that is… CONTINUE READING