0 Pathogenesis of Salmonellosis : Salmonella Exotoxins Annual Progress Report


Several serotypes of Salmonella were shown to release increased amounts of a cholera toxin-like toxin during culture in vitro with Micomycia C. Filter sterilized culture supernatants containing the toxin caused elongation of Chinese hamster ovary cells, which could be blocked by heating the supernatants at 100 0 C for 15 minutes, or adding mixed gangliosides or monospecific cholera antitoxin. When Mitomycin C was noi added to the Salmonella cultures, little or no detectable toxin was released. Optimal production of toxin was observed in the presence of 0.5 iig/ml of litomycin in shake flask cultures of CYE medium, Syncase, or peptone saline at 37 0 C. Meat infusion media (Hi and BHI) resulted in poor toxin yielA. ,:ulture filtrates frequently could be diluted 1:8 and still result in elongation of CPO cells, but were too dilute to cause fluid accumulation in ligated intestinal loops of adult .abbits without further concentration.

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