(Mis)Reading the Face of God: The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church

  title={(Mis)Reading the Face of God: The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church},
  author={Lewis Ayres and Stephen E. Fowl},
  journal={Theological Studies},
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[In a recent document the Pontifical Biblical Commission reasoned that, based on Scripture's two natures—divine and human—the his­ torical-critical method of interpretatio n is indispensable. This argu­ ment is confused. Asserting that Scripture, like the person of Jesus Christ, has two natures does not necessarily require a priority of any one kind of reading. The authors argue that several theologians in Christian history have drawn more appropriate analogies between Christ's nature and… 

Scripture in History: A Systematic Theology of the Christian Bible

SCRIPTURE IN HISTORY: A SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY OF THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE Joseph K. Gordon, B.A., M.Div. Marquette University This work utilizes advances in philosophical hermeneutics, the historical study

The Use of the Bible in Jacques Dupuis's Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism: An Examination According to Chapter III of the Pontifical Biblical Commission's "The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church"

This thesis examines how theologian Jacques Dupuis uses the sacred scriptures of the Catholic Church throughout his argumentation for a proposed “Christian theology of religious pluralism.” Its

The Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Recent Contributions By Stephen E. Fowl, Christopher R. Seitz and Francis Watson

In the midst of the massive enterprise that is contemporary biblical scholar ship there has emerged in recent years an interest in recovering and rede ploying a distinctly theological approach to

Sandra Schneiders, Critical Exegesis, and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Current trajectories in biblical interpretation have increasingly shelved or even attacked historical-critical methodologies, replacing these methodologies with doctrinally grounded (meta)narratives

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Spirit Christology has emerged as an important focus in recent theology. It offers new perspectives on christology and pneumatology. Can these new perspectives lead to advances in trinitarian


ion from the system of the universe, and that it is the business of speculative philosophy to exhibit this truth; this character is its coherence. Whitehead mentions the concept 'adequacy' of the

Sanctification as Virtue and Mission: The Politics of Holiness

SANCTIFICATION AS VIRTUE AND MISSION: THE POLITICS OF HOLINESS Nathan Willowby, B.A., M.Div. Marquette University, 2016 This dissertation considers the political implications of

Explaining the role of Scripture in the economy of redemption as it relates to the theological and hermeneutical contributions of David Tracy, Hans Frei, Kevin Vanhoozer and Henri de Lubac

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Objawienie – uświęcenie – natchnienie. Johna Webstera doktryna Pisma Świętego z perspektywy katolickiej

W pierwszej części artykułu zaprezentowano „ontologię Pisma Świętego” Johna Webstera. Teolog postrzegał teksty biblijne w świetle ich pochodzenia i roli w Boskiej samo-komunikacji. Uczony wprowadził