(Certified!!) Adversarial Robustness for Free!

  title={(Certified!!) Adversarial Robustness for Free!},
  author={Nicholas Carlini and Florian Tram{\`e}r and Krishnamurthy Dvijotham and J. Zico Kolter},
In this paper we show how to achieve state-of-the-art certified adversarial robustness to (cid:96) 2 -norm bounded perturbations by relying exclusively on off-the-shelf pretrained models. To do so, we instantiate the denoised smoothing approach of Salman et al. by combining a pretrained denoising diffusion probabilistic model and a standard high-accuracy classifier. This allows us to certify 71% accuracy on ImageNet under adversarial perturbations constrained to be within an (cid:96) 2 norm of… 

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