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- (2-hydroxyethyl) adenosine method

  title={- (2-hydroxyethyl) adenosine method},
  author={柴一秋 and 金轶伟 and 朱碧纯 and 厉晓腊 and 陈官菊 and 刘又高},
The present invention provides an N6- (2- hydroxyethyl) adenosine extraction from living body, the method comprising: 1), mycelium is dried, pulverized to obtain a powder mycelium; 2), the powder thermal reflux extraction under the following conditions: 10% -80% of ethanol as solvent extraction at a temperature of 40-120 deg.] C for 0.5-5 hours to obtain the ethanol extract solution. 3), through the membrane separation, macroporous resin column chromatography, low temperature crystallization…