(∈̄, ∈̄ ∨ q̄(λ,μ))-fuzzy weak ideals of rings

  title={(∈̄, ∈̄ ∨ q̄(λ,μ))-fuzzy weak ideals of rings},
  author={Zuhua Liao and Shu Cao and Qinghe Tian and Miaohan Hu and Yonghui Zhang},
  journal={2011 Eighth International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD)},
In this paper, we introduce the new type of fuzzy ideals of a ring called (∈̄, ∈̄ ∨ q̄<inf>(λ,μ)</inf>) - fuzzy weak ideals and generalized fuzzy weak ideals. The equivalence relation between them is given, besides, the properties of their intersection, union and level sets are discussed. Finally, we also give the properties of their homomorphic image and homomorphic preimage.