(+)-Fenfluramine and Its Major Metabolite, (+)-Norfenfluramine, Are Potent Substrates for Norepinephrine Transporters

  title={(+)-Fenfluramine and Its Major Metabolite, (+)-Norfenfluramine, Are Potent Substrates for Norepinephrine Transporters},
  author={R. Rothman and R. Clark and J. Partilla and M. Baumann},
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  • R. Rothman, R. Clark, +1 author M. Baumann
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
  • (±)-Fenfluramine is an amphetamine analog that was once widely prescribed as an appetite suppressant. Although (±)-fenfluramine is no longer clinically available, the mechanisms underlying its anorectic properties are still of interest. Upon peripheral administration, stereoisomers of (±)-fenfluramine are N-deethylated to form the metabolites, (+)- and (-)-norfenfluramine. It is well accepted that isomers of (±)-fenfluramine and (±)-norfenfluramine interact with 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin… CONTINUE READING
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    (+)-Norfenfluramine-Induced Arterial Contraction Is Not Dependent on Endogenous 5-Hydroxytryptamine or 5-Hydroxytryptamine Transporter
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    The Fenfluramine Metabolite (+)-Norfenfluramine Is Vasoactive
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    Evidence for a Role of Transporter-Mediated Currents in the Depletion of Brain Serotonin Induced by Serotonin Transporter Substrates
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    The effects of non-medically used psychoactive drugs on monoamine neurotransmission in rat brain.
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    A Serotonin and Melanocortin Circuit Mediates d-Fenfluramine Anorexia
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    N-Alkylated Analogs of 4-Methylamphetamine (4-MA) Differentially Affect Monoamine Transporters and Abuse Liability
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    Therapeutic and adverse actions of serotonin transporter substrates.
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    Evidence that hypophagia induced by d-fenfluramine and d-norfenfluramine in the rat is mediated by 5-HT2C receptors
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    Indan Analogs of Fenfluramine and Norfenfluramine Have Reduced Neurotoxic Potential
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    In vitro and in vivo effects of d-fenfluramine: no apparent relation between 5-hydroxytryptamine release and hypophagia.
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    In vivo criteria to differentiate monoamine reuptake inhibitors from releasing agents: sibutramine is a reuptake inhibitor.
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