'Winning Ways': Globalisation and the Impact of the Health and Wealth Gospel

  title={'Winning Ways': Globalisation and the Impact of the Health and Wealth Gospel},
  author={Stephen. Hunt},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary Religion},
  pages={331 - 347}
  • Stephen. Hunt
  • Published 1 October 2000
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Contemporary Religion
Few contemporary religious movements lend themselves so readily to an analysis of the dynamics of globalising than that strand of neo-Pentecostalism known as the 'Faith' movement. Originating in the USA, the numerous ministries which comprise the movement have come to sustain a wide global influence in many diverse cultural conditions. The Faith gospel is noteworthy, not only because of the scale of its success, but because of its distinctive teaching related to divinely-blessed 'health and… 

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