'When a Woman Speaks the Truth About Her Body': Ethel Smyth, Virginia Woolf, and the Challenges of Lesbian Auto/biography

  title={'When a Woman Speaks the Truth About Her Body': Ethel Smyth, Virginia Woolf, and the Challenges of Lesbian Auto/biography},
  author={C. Wiley},
  journal={Music and Letters},
  pages={388 - 414}
  • C. Wiley
  • Published 2004
  • Sociology
  • Music and Letters
As professionals who encountered first-hand the invidious barrierswithin patriarchal society that hindered career women, Ethel Smyth and Virginia Woolf both used their published writingsto pursue lifelong crusades against the under-representation of females in their respective disciplines. This article comparesthe different strategies by which the two artists strove totell the truth about their experiences as women, and considers the corresponding implications for Smyth's musical output. While… Expand
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