'The Hour of Eugenics': Race, Gender, and Nation in Latin America

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  • Political Science
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“One of the Most Uniform Races of the Entire World”: Creole Eugenics and the Myth of Chilean Racial Homogeneity
  • S. Walsh
  • Political Science
    Journal of the history of biology
  • 2015
This article illuminates why Nicolás Palacios’s 1904 monograph, Raza chilena:Libro escrito por un Chileno i para los Chilenos [Chilean Race: A Book Written by a Chilean for Chileans], is central to
La institucionalización de las medidas higiénicas para el control de la sífilis en Colombia, 1886-1953
Este trabajo se inscribe en el contexto de los estudios socioculturales de la enfermedad y se concentro en el proceso de institucionalizacion de las medidas higienicas para el control de la sifilis
Racial Articulation and Labor in the 19th Century Brazil
This article seeks to explain how economic and local political structures shaped the ways in which public officials articulated ideas of race and labor in the nineteenth century Brazil. Employing a
Race, Genomics, Identities and Politics in Contemporary Brazil
The ‘new genetics’ (or genomics) has penetrated overwhelmingly into a broad range of domains in the contemporary world, spawning a technocultural revolution in relation to genes that has transformed
La prohibición nacional del cannabis en México: revisión histórica de la relación entre leyes y ciencia / The national prohibition of cannabis in Mexico: historical review of the relationship between law and science
Este articulo documenta y analiza las leyes que en Mexico habilitaron el espacio sobre el cual se construyo el paradigma prohibicionista en materia de drogas. Esa posicion gubernamental de indole
Prelude: ‘Global’ Psychoanalysis in Latin America: Some Reflections
  • M. Plotkin
  • Psychology
    Studies in the Psychosocial
  • 2021
Although the reception and early circulation of psychoanalytic ideas and practice in Latin America have been largely ignored by most ‘global’ histories of psychoanalysis, in some major cities of the
Sexuality and Eugenics in Female Gymnastics in the Mid-Twentieth Century in Uruguay
  • Paola Dogliotti
  • Education
    The International Journal of the History of Sport
  • 2021
Abstract This work addresses the configuration of bodies and the type of gymnastics prescribed for women according to the leading authors of the main physical education institution in Uruguay in the
A ética do silêncio racial no contexto urbano: políticas públicas e desigualdade social no Recife, 1900-1940
More than half a century after racial prejudice became central to urban civil rights movements in the United States and South Africa, and decades after the emergence of Brazil’s contemporary Black