'PostScript' prints anything: a case history

  title={'PostScript' prints anything: a case history},
  author={T. S. Perry},
  journal={IEEE Spectrum},
  • T. S. Perry
  • Published 1 April 1988
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Spectrum
The development history of the page description language PostScript is presented. Several key problems in the development are described: laser printer, a harbor simulation that drove the language-to-be toward its object orientation, font algorithm creation, and image reduction and analysis. Key technical developments that aided the establishment of PostScript are also mentioned; these include the Apple Macintosh microcomputer and its need for bit-mapped graphics printing, cheap laser printers… 
Page Description Languages (PDLs)
  • J. Schönhut
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    Advances in Computer Graphics
  • 1989
An outlook to developments in standardization of PDLs is given, which is based on the status and latest version of SPDL, the Standard Page Description Language worked on in ISO.
Image processing and page representation: part 4
A brief history of image (page) processing is provided, followed by an explanation of certain basic parameters such as resolution, halftones and colour, the quantity of data in high quality pages,
Advances in Computer Graphics V
This book presents the tutorial notes of the Eurographics '89 conference held in Hamburg in September 1989, which includes chapters about visualization of scientific data, color, solid modeling, computational geometry, object-oriented graphics, page description languages, and standards for computer graphics and product model data.
Text, Translation, and the End of the Unified Press
As publishers adopted computer systems to manage the flow of information, they generally saw the new technology not as something that would expand the scale or scope of their work but as tools that would translate information from one form into another.
Dynamic retrieval of remote digital objects
A hierarchical representation and dynamic retrieval scheme for digital objects is presented that provides the server with the ability to serve more clients without much performance degradation and reduces the client waiting time when server load is heavy.
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Active Disks: Remote Execution for Network-Attached Storage (CMU-CS-97-198)
It is argued that application-specific code can be executed at storage devices to make more effective use of device, host and interconnect resources and significantly improve application I/O performance.
A Bibliography of Publications about Typesetting
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This article-coming of age tale-involves not a machine but an application: word processing.