'Playing by the Book': Success and Failure in John Major's Approach to Prime Ministerial Media Management

  title={'Playing by the Book': Success and Failure in John Major's Approach to Prime Ministerial Media Management},
  author={Tim Bale and Karen B. Sanders},
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Both the Thatcher and the Blair governments have been accused of politicising the Prime Ministerial press operation. This article asks whether it is possible to maintain a constitutionally clearer demarcation between the expressly political and the strictly governmental, and at the same time still pursue a successful communications strategy. Based on semi-structured interviews with both national journalists and government and party media managers, it uses the example of the Major governments to… 
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Too close to call: Power and politics, John Major in No. 10
When John Major won the leadership of the Tory party in 1990, he listed his four priorities - inflation, unemployment, Northern Ireland and public services. He made another list for his collegaues of
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A total of 12 Conservative MPs resigned from office over charges of personal misconduct
  • The British General Election
  • 1997
Not surprisingly, given the celebrated ingenuity of tabloid headline writers, the PM's handling of sex scandals and economic policy were immediately linked
  • with the Sun exclaiming on 17 October, the day after Black Wednesday
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