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'Featuring the system': Hip Hop Pedagogy and Danish Integration Policies

  title={'Featuring the system': Hip Hop Pedagogy and Danish Integration Policies},
  author={Kristine Ringsager},
During the past decades rap and hip hop culture have been utilized and institutionalized in public programs combating the radicalization and criminalization of marginalized ethnic minority youths in Denmark. Such a use of rap music, in particular, in institutionalized social work and political matters has created what I refer to as a ‘rap as resource industry’ that operates within the social sector, parallel to the ‘regular’ music industry. This article analyses personal and political… 

Rap and Political Participation: Using Rap as a Creative Method in Research with Children and Young People

This article explores how rap music workshops can be an effective method when researching neighbourhood regeneration and refurbishment with children and young people, especially in disadvantaged

Connecting Asia-Pacific Hip-hop – The Role of the Cross-Cultural Intermediary

  • J. Ng
  • Business, Sociology
  • 2019
This thesis examines a network of subcultural figures who have been important in developing an Asia-Pacific Hip hop culture. These individuals, conceptualised as ‘cross cultural intermediaries’, are

Migration and Music

The current sense of crisis in the study of migration and music calls out for a broader contextualization. The study of migrant culture sat comfortably for a while with a structural-functionalist



‘Folkbildning’ through hip-hop: how the ideals of three rappers parallel a Scandinavian educational tradition

The purpose of this article is to show how the rappers' talk about hip-hop and its connection to pedagogy and social activism parallel the Scandinavian tradition of folkbildning. Scandinavian

'Hood Work: Hip‐Hop, Youth Advocacy, and Model Citizenry

This study isolates the phenomenon of “'Hood Work,” encompassing street-level youth advocacy agencies employing hip-hop's core elements (b-boying, aerosol art, DJing, and MCing) to engage

Othering, identity formation and agency

The article examines the potentials of the concept of othering to describe identity formation among ethnic minorities. First, it outlines the history of the concept, its contemporary use, as well as

Pedagogy of the Oppressed ( 1968 ) by

Paulo Freire was exiled from Chile in 1964. Freire was the first director of the University of Recife's Cultural Extension Service that provided literacy programs to thousands of peasants. Freire and

The Question of Integration: Immigration, Exclusion and the Danish Welfare State

The question of integration has become an important concern as many societies are experiencing a growing influx of people from abroad. But what does integration really mean? What does it take for a

A decade of suspicion: Islam and Muslims in Denmark after 9/11

In 2011, al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, was killed in Pakistan and the US president, Barack Obama, concluded a decade of global ‘war against terror’. In light of this, it seems only sensible to

“It Ain’t Shit About the Music!”: Discussions on Freedom of Expression in Relation to Rap Music in Social Work

RESEARCHING MUSIC CENSORSHIP 1 My translation of the original Danish lyrics: “Jeg har en enkelt patron for Morten Messerschmidt / for han snakker masser shit / han sku’ kom’ og sut min pik”

Technologies of the Self

  • L. Floridi
  • Philosophy
    Philosophy & Technology
  • 2012
Some time ago, I met a very bright and lively graduate, who registered with Facebook during the academic year 2003–2004, when she was a student at Harvard. Her Facebook ID number was 246. Impressive.