'COP26 hasn't solved the problem': scientists react to UN climate deal.

  title={'COP26 hasn't solved the problem': scientists react to UN climate deal.},
  author={Ehsan Masood and Jeff Tollefson},

Environmental Law and the Unsustainability of Sustainable Development: A Tale of Disenchantment and of Hope

In this article we argue that sustainable development is not a socio-ecologically friendly principle. The principle, which is deeply embedded in environmental law, policymaking and governance, drives

Democratizing Sustainable Energy Technology through Collaborative International Spaces

Reliance on fossil fuels has exacerbated climate change and created geopolitical instability. As seen recently with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, key players in the energy sector often exert outsized

Cumbre del Cambio climático 2021: más escepticismo que compromisos

La 26ª Cumbre del Cambio Climático se realizó en el Escocia a finales del 2021. La COP 26 concluyó con el “Pacto climático de Glasgow” donde, por primera vez en la historia de estas cumbres, se