'A Middle Class Cut into Two': Historiography and Victorian National Character

  title={'A Middle Class Cut into Two': Historiography and Victorian National Character},
  author={Lauren M. E. Goodlad},
  pages={143 - 178}

Provincializing economics: Jevons, Marshall and the colonial imaginaries of free trade

  • D. Blaney
  • Economics
    Review of International Political Economy
  • 2020
Abstract Contemporary economics speaks about trade in the familiar abstractions of comparative advantage, tracing the modern formulation of the case for free trade made in terms of welfare

Introduction: “A Home for the Lonely”

  • Teresa Huffman Traver
  • History, Economics
    Victorian Cosmopolitanism and English Catholicity in the Mid-Century Novel
  • 2019
This chapter situates my argument within three specific historical moments: the Tractarian Movement, the Papal Aggression Crisis, and the rise of Ritualism. The introduction provides necessary

Class acts : the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth earls of Crawford and their manuscript collections

................................................................................................................ 9 Declaration


The emergence of limited liability over the course of the nineteenth century was marked by intense and sustained feelings of anxiety. Victorians debated it in Parliament and in the periodical press,

Captains of Industry and the Subversion of the Professional Ideal in Charlotte Brontë’s The Professor and Shirley

Robert Moore’s reformation as a mill owner in Shirley and his decision to marry for love rather than money has been explained as a process of domestication. However, it is more productive to consider

Personal Business: Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture

In recent years the analysis of the intersection of literature and economics has generated a vibrant conversation in literary and cultural studies of the Victorian period. But Aeron Hunt argues that

The Sentimental Policeman: Poetry and Social Mobility in the Police Review and Parade Gossip

The Victorian policeman would seem an improbable poet. Indeed, contemporary representations of bumbling, avuncular Bobbies and sharp but unfeeling detectives suggest a realm of experience distinct



Victorian Origins of the British Welfare State


  • C. Tilly
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 2001
I t i s s a d to write about the work of a scholar of formidable energy and intellectual vitality whose voice has just fallen silent, more especially when those qualities have invigorated several

Writing nationalist history: England, the conversion of the Jews, and Ivanhoe

A propos de deux formes d'identite en conflit dans le roman de Scott:; l'identite juive dans l'historiographie europeenne et la construction d'une identite nationale anglaise, au travers de la

Victorian Women's Fiction: Marriage, Freedom and the Individual

1. Introductory: Women and Marriage in Mid-Nineteenth-Century England 2. Dinah Mulock Craik: Ambivalent Romanticism 3. Charlotte Bronte: A Vision of Duality 4. Elizabeth Sewell: The Triumph of

The Cambridge Social History of Britain

The Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750–1850. Edited by F. M. L. Thompson. 3 volumes, Cambridge University Press, 1990. Volume I: Regions and Communities, xv + 588pp. £45.00. Volume II: People

History of England

Critical terms for literary study

Introduction, Thomas McLaughlin I Literature as Writing 1 Representation, W. J. T. Mitchell 2 Structure, John Carlos Rowe 3 Writing, Barbara Johnson 4 Discourse, Paul A. Bove 5 Narrative, J. Hillis

Studies in the growth of nineteenth-century government

1. The Transmission of Benthamite Ideas 1820-1950 S. E. Finer 2.Utilitarianism and Bureaucracy: The View of J. S. Mill Alan Ryan 3. The Genesis of the Northcote-Trevelyan Report Jennifer Hart 4. New

Capitalism, Culture and Decline in Britain : 1750 -1990

This is an original and controversial contribution to the topical debate on Britain's alleged economic decline. Rubinstein presents a critique of the thesis, made familiar by Wiener, Sampson, Barnett