𝓏-Stable ASH Algebras

  title={𝓏-Stable ASH Algebras},
  author={Andrew S. Toms and Wilhelm Winter},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Mathematics},
  pages={703 - 720}
Abstract The Jiang–Su algebra $Z$ has come to prominence in the classification program for nuclear ${{C}^{*}}$ -algebras of late, due primarily to the fact that Elliott’s classification conjecture in its strongest form predicts that all simple, separable, and nuclear ${{C}^{*}}$ -algebras with unperforated $\text{K}$ -theory will absorb $Z$ tensorially, i.e., will be $Z$ -stable. There exist counterexamples which suggest that the conjecture will only hold for simple, nuclear, separable and $Z… 

A stably finite analogue of the Cuntz algebra O2

The Elliott Programme seeks classification of simple, separable, nuclear $C^*$-algebras via a functor based on $K$-theory. There are a handful of $C^*$-algebras, including the Cuntz algebras

Recasting the Elliott conjecture

Let A be a simple, unital, finite, and exact C*-algebra which absorbs the Jiang–Su algebra $${\mathcal{Z}}$$ tensorially. We prove that the Cuntz semigroup of A admits a complete order embedding into

Nuclear dimension and $\mathcal{Z}$-stability of pure C∗-algebras

In this article I study a number of topological and algebraic dimension type properties of simple C∗-algebras and their interplay. In particular, a simple C∗-algebra is defined to be (tracially)

Hausdorffified algebraic K1-groups and invariants for C∗-algebras with the ideal property

A $C^*$-algebra $A$ is said to have the ideal property if each closed two-sided ideal of $A$ is generated by the projections inside the ideal, as a closed two sided ideal. $C^*$-algebras with the

Ƶ-Stability of Crossed Products by Strongly Outer Actions II

We consider a crossed product of a unital simple separable nuclear stably finite $\cal Z$-stable $C^*$-algebra $A$ by a strongly outer cocycle action of a discrete countable amenable group $\Gamma$.

Decomposition rank and $\mathcal{Z}$ -stability

AbstractWe show that separable, simple, nonelementary, unital C*-algebras with finite decomposition rank absorb the Jiang–Su algebra $\mathcal{Z}$ tensorially. This has a number of consequences for

Nuclear dimension and $$\mathcal Z$$Z-stability

Simple, separable, unital, monotracial and nuclear $$\mathrm {C}^{*}$$C∗-algebras are shown to have finite nuclear dimension whenever they absorb the Jiang–Su algebra $$\mathcal {Z}$$Z tensorially.

D-stable C*-algebras, the ideal property and real rank zero

Let D be a strongly self-absorbing, K1-injective C ¤ -algebra (e.g., the Jiang-Su algebra Z and O1). We characterize, in particular, when A ­ D has the ideal property, where A is a separable, purely

Rokhlin Dimension and C*-Dynamics

We develop the concept of Rokhlin dimension for integer and for finite group actions on C*-algebras. Our notion generalizes the so-called Rokhlin property, which can be thought of as Rokhlin

The Cuntz semigroup, the Elliott conjecture, and dimension functions on C*-algebras

Abstract We prove that the Cuntz semigroup is recovered functorially from the Elliott invariant for a large class of C*-algebras. In particular, our results apply to the largest class of simple



Obstructions to 𝒵-Stability for Unital Simple C *-Algebras

Abstract Let $\text{Z}$ be the unital simple nuclear infinite dimensional ${{C}^{*}}$ -algebra which has the same Elliott invariant as $\mathbb{C}$ , introduced in [9]. A ${{C}^{*}}$ -algebra is

Classification of Simple Tracially AF C *-Algebras

  • Huaxin Lin
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 2001
Abstract We prove that pre-classifiable (see 3.1) simple nuclear tracially $\text{AF}\,\,{{C}^{*}}$ -algebras $\left( \text{TAF} \right)$ are classified by their $K$ -theory. As a consequence all

A Classification Result for Approximately Homogeneous C*-algebras of Real Rank Zero

Abstract. We prove that the total K-theory group $ \underline {K}(-) = \oplus_{n=0}^{\infty} K_*(-;\Bbb {Z}/n) $ equipped with a natural order structure and acted upon by the Bockstein operations is

On the Classification of Simple Stably Projectionless C*-Algebras

Abstract It is shown that simple stably projectionless ${{\text{C}}^{*}}$ -algebras which are inductive limits of certain specified building blocks with trivial $\text{K}$ -theory are classified by

On the classification of simple inductive limit C*-algebras, II: The isomorphism theorem

In this article, it is proved that the invariant consisting of the scaled ordered K-group and the space of tracial states, together with the natural pairing between them, is a complete invariant for

On the Independence of K-Theory and Stable Rank for Simple C*-Algebras

Abstract Jiang and Su and (independently) Elliott discovered a simple, nuclear, infinite-dimensional C*-algebra ℒ̵ having the same Elliott invariant as the complex numbers. For a nuclear C*-algebra A

Strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras

Say that a separable, unital C*-algebra V ? C is strongly self absorbing if there exists an isomorphism V such that lx> ai>e approximately unitarily equivalent *-homomorphisms. We study this class of

On the classification problem for nuclear C^*-algebras

We exhibit a counterexample to Elliott’s classification conjecture for simple, separable, and nuclear C ∗ -algebras whose construction is elementary, and demonstrate the necessity of extremely fine

On the stable rank of simple C*-algebras

In [16] M. A. Rieffel introduced the notion of stable rank for C*-algebras. For A a unital C*-algebra the stable rank, denoted by sr(A), is the least integer n such that the set of n-tuples over A