• Geography
  • Published 2011

金俊政權의 條件附 對蒙講和 체결과 그 歷史的 性格

  title={金俊政權의 條件附 對蒙講和 체결과 그 歷史的 性格},
Kim Jun’s political power(金俊政權) that started on November 1258, checked the 5th Mongol invader’s advance, performing aggressive battles against Mongol, and succeeded in restraining the claim that must surrender to the Mongol instantly. But Kim Jun had difficulty in accomplishing the war against Mongol continuously, because of exhaustion of the finance in 30 years war against Mongol. And Juhyunmin(州縣民)’s collective surrender to Mongol army made public opinion of the Court worse. Therefore Kim Jun… CONTINUE READING