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한국 미기록 와편모조 4종 (Amphisolenia와 Triposolenia) 형태

  title={한국 미기록 와편모조 4종 (Amphisolenia와 Triposolenia) 형태},
  author={정민민 and 김형신},
  • 정민민, 김형신
  • Published 2013
  • Biology
  • Morphology of 4 dinoflagellates species, Amphisolenia bidentata, A. inflata, A. thrinax and Triposolenia bicornis, which belong to the Dinophysiales, were studied by light and scanning electronmicroscope. The plankton samples for this study were collected from Jeju-Do, South Korea in February, April, September and November 2007. Three Amphisolenia species have large cell size (125~890 ㎛) then T. bicornis (45~50 ㎛). Cells of Amphisolenia and Triposolenia with unique morphological features were… CONTINUE READING