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피세아타놀에 의한 YD-15 구강암세포의 세포자가사멸 유도 효과

  title={피세아타놀에 의한 YD-15 구강암세포의 세포자가사멸 유도 효과},
  author={이해님 and 장혜연 and 김형진 and 신성아 and 추강식 and 박병권 and 김병수 and 정지윤},
Piceatannol (trans-3,4,3",5"-trihydroxystilbene), a natural stilbene, is an analogue of resveratrol. In the present study, possible mechanisms by which piceatannol exerts its pro-apoptotic action in cultured human oral cancer YD-15 cells were investigated. To investigate whether or not piceatannol has effects on cancer cell viability, human oral YD-15 cells were treated with piceatannol (0, 50, and 100 μM). Piceatannol treatment (100 μM) showed the strongest inhibition of cell proliferation and… Expand