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풍력발전단지 개발을 위한 풍자원 해석 및 단지 설계

  title={풍력발전단지 개발을 위한 풍자원 해석 및 단지 설계},
  author={변효인 and 류지윤 and 김두훈},
  • 변효인, 류지윤, 김두훈
  • Published 2005
  • Engineering
  • This study explains the procedure that should be taken to develop a successful wind park project. It Provide guideline for activities and studies to be done step by step solution. This study follow a chronological flow through the development process. They cover Technical consideration, Assessment of Wind Energy Resource, Wind park siting and Energy yield calculation. It's build on the experience gained by the Youngduk Wind Park project and give the playa role in the development of wind energy… CONTINUE READING

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