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평균 6개월 모유영양 영아 어머니의 이유지식에 관한 고찰

  title={평균 6개월 모유영양 영아 어머니의 이유지식에 관한 고찰},
  author={강순아 and 신호정 and 임융호 and 김계애 and 우연희 and 전용훈 and 김순기},
This study was conducted to investigate the mothers' nutritional knowledge on weaning of 101 infants (8 for 4 mo, 44 for 5 mo, 45 for 6 mo, for 7 mo) at a public health center of Incheon. Informations on the mothers' nutritional knowledge were obtained by questionnaires. In this survey 41.6% of infants were breast-feeding, 43.6% of them were bottle-feeding, and 14.9% of them were mixed feeding right after birth. The rate of breast-feeding right after birth was significantly higher in mothers of… Expand