• Biology
  • Published 2008

친환경농업을 위한 생물비료로서의 아졸라의 이용

  title={친환경농업을 위한 생물비료로서의 아졸라의 이용},
  author={남기웅 and 윤덕훈},
The aquatic fern Azolla spp. is of value as a bio-fertilizer for wetland paddy, and also can be used as an ideal feed for cattle, pigs and poultry. It is popular and cultivated widely in other countries like China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, but has yet to be taken up in Korea, in a big way. It fixes nitrogen as high as 3-5kg N per day, because it contains nitrogen fixing blue-green algae, Anabaena azollae. Azolla's ability to create a light-proof mat that suppresses other weeds has been… CONTINUE READING