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초음파를 이용한 광소자 이송시스템의 빔형상에 따른 이송특성에 관한 연구

  title={초음파를 이용한 광소자 이송시스템의 빔형상에 따른 이송특성에 관한 연구},
  author={정상화 and 김광호 and 최석봉 and 차경래 and 송석},
  • 정상화, 김광호, +2 authors 송석
  • Published 2006
  • Engineering
  • The object transport system is used in many industry field such as the conveyor belt, which transports huge goods in container harbor, the magnetic levitation system, and the indexing system which transports precision components such as semiconductor and optical components. In conventional transport system, the magnetic field may damage semiconductor and the contact force may scratch on the optical lens. So ultrasonic wave transport system has been proposed to replace the previous transport… CONTINUE READING

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