• Biology
  • Published 2015

청량산(봉화군, 안동시)의 관속식물상

  title={청량산(봉화군, 안동시)의 관속식물상},
  author={남보미 and 김재영 and 정선 and 이재현 and 남명자 and 오병운 and 정규영},
This study was carried out to elucidate the distribution of vascular plants and their usefulness of Mt. Cheongnyangsan (870 m) in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The vascular plants that were collected 16 times 2006 and 2014 consisted a total of 614 taxa; 97 families, 330 genera, 541 species, 3 subspecies, 61 varieties and 9 forms. For the Korean endemic plants, 21 taxa were recorded and 8 taxa of Vulnerable Species (VU) and 5 taxa of Least Concerned species (LC) categorized by the Korean Forest Service as… CONTINUE READING