• Engineering
  • Published 2014

철도차량 주행 중 차륜과 선로에 의한 구름소음 추정 방법

  title={철도차량 주행 중 차륜과 선로에 의한 구름소음 추정 방법},
  author={박희준 and 박길배 and 이강운},
When the railway vehicle is running, the exterior noise is dominated by the sound strength of the bogie. The bogie noise consists of the noise emitted by the traction motor, driving gear and the rolling noise by the contact between the rail and the wheel. To predict the exterior noise when the vehicle is running, the sound strength of the bogie should be determined first. The noise of the traction motor and the driving gear can be measured easily before the unit is applied to the vehicle. But… CONTINUE READING