• Engineering
  • Published 2015

중소형 무인기 브레이크 시스템용 복합형 지능재료펌프 설계

  title={중소형 무인기 브레이크 시스템용 복합형 지능재료펌프 설계},
  author={이종훈 and 황재혁 and 양지연 and 주용휘 and 배재성 and 권준용},
【In this study, the design of compound smart materials hydraulic pump that can be applied to a small-medium size UAV having a limited space envelope and weight has been conducted. Compound Smart Material Pump(CSMP) proposed in this paper is composed of a pressurize pump and a flow pump for supplying the high pressure and fluid displacement to overcome the disadvantages of the piezoelectric actuator which has a small strain. Though this compound smart material pump has been designed as small… CONTINUE READING