• Engineering
  • Published 2007

원자력 시설에서의 인적 오류 발생 최소화를 위한 인간공학적 단기대책수립에 관한 연구

  title={원자력 시설에서의 인적 오류 발생 최소화를 위한 인간공학적 단기대책수립에 관한 연구},
  author={이동훈 and 변승남 and 이용희},
The objective of this study is to develop short-term prevention measures for minimizing possible human error in nuclear power facilities. To accomplish this objective, a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) were formed, which is consisting of those from regulatory bodies, academia, industries and research institutes. Prevention measures were established for urgent execution in nuclear power facilities on a short-term basis. This study suggests short-term measures for reducing human error on… CONTINUE READING