Corpus ID: 108982703

완전혼합영역을 갖는 성층축열조의 충전과정에 대한 이론적인 해석

  title={완전혼합영역을 갖는 성층축열조의 충전과정에 대한 이론적인 해석},
  author={유호선 and 박이동},
  • 유호선, 박이동
  • Published 1995
  • Physics
  • A theoretical one-dimensional model for the charging process in stratified thermal storage tanks is established presuming that the fluid ensuing from the tank inlet creates a perfectly mixed, layer above the thermocline. Both the generic and asymptotic closed-form solutions are obtained via the Laplace transformation. The asymptotic solution describes the nature of the charging pertaining to the case of no thermal diffusion, whereas the generic solution is of practical importance to understand… CONTINUE READING

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