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연구논문 : 춘계 베링해 알류산 해분의 해양환경 특성

  title={연구논문 : 춘계 베링해 알류산 해분의 해양환경 특성},
  author={최석관 and 오택윤},
The characteristics of the oceanographic environment in the Aleutian Basin of the Bering Sea during spring in 1996, 1997, and 1999 were clarified. An investigation of the water properties revealed five basic layers in the Bering Sea during spring: (1) a surface layer of warm and low-salinity water induced by solar heating, (2) a subsurface layer of cold and low-salinity water propagated slowly by heat from the surface layer, (3) a thermo cline layer where salinity was constant but temperature… Expand