• Computer Science
  • Published 2010

연구논문(硏究論文) : 섬유패션기업의 SCM 성과 측정을 위한 Scor Model과 BSC연구

  title={연구논문(硏究論文) : 섬유패션기업의 SCM 성과 측정을 위한 Scor Model과 BSC연구},
  author={신상무 and 최진혁},
To survive competitive global market, textile and fashion business incorporated Supply Chain Management strategy to make product and information flows fast and correct. Especially textile and fashion industry involves many complicated channels from up stream, middle stream, to down stream for delivering their production. Evaluating SCM performance is very critical to make better business profit model. Representative Scor model and BSC method are well fitted into textile and fashion business… CONTINUE READING

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