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양계 사료첨가제로서 감태 추출 부산물로 인한 체중증가 및 방어효능 평가

  title={양계 사료첨가제로서 감태 추출 부산물로 인한 체중증가 및 방어효능 평가},
  author={박소연 and 김정요 and 박보경 and 김기주 and 박근태 and 한종권 and 한태욱},
  • 박소연, 김정요, +4 authors 한태욱
  • Published 2016
  • Biology
  • The Ecklonia cava Kjellman by-product (ECBP) as a feed additive was evaluated in improvement of productivity and immune enhancement against Salmonella Gallinarum (SG). Lohmann Brown chickens proved SGfree were randomly divided into 3 groups of 8 chickens each. Chickens were fed with the experimental diet treatment: T0, Non treatment-commercial feed; T1, commercial feed with 0.5% ECBP; T2, commercial feed with 0.1% Lactobacillus plantarum. In this study, we evaluated the effect of T1 and T2… CONTINUE READING