• Chemistry
  • Published 2001

식방풍(植防風, Peucedani Radix)의 품질표준화에 관한 연구

  title={식방풍(植防風, Peucedani Radix)의 품질표준화에 관한 연구},
  author={이승재 and 김호현 and 조형권 and 이광섭 and 강인호 and 함인혜 and 황완균},
【The Radix of Peucedanum japonicum (Umbelliferae) has been used for dispelling wind-damp, headache, chills and wind cold. In order to evaluate to quality of it, the method for the quantitative determination of peujaponiside $(peucedanol\;7-O-{\beta}-D-apiofuranosyl(1{\rightarrow}6)-{\beta}-D-glucopyranoside)$ as standard compound has been developed. Peujaponiside is a major compound of Peucedani Radix. It was analyzed by HPLC using the solvent system of 15% $CH_3CN$ . The amount of… CONTINUE READING