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스마트폰의 품질 인식이 충성도에 미치는 영향과 이용 동기의 조절효과에 대한 고찰

  title={스마트폰의 품질 인식이 충성도에 미치는 영향과 이용 동기의 조절효과에 대한 고찰},
  author={곽규태 and 황준석 and 최세경},
The aim of this study is to analyze the quality factors that influence on the user loyalty and to verify the moderating effect of that influential relationship, 1000 of smartphone users were surveyed. As a result, First, perceived value in terms of contents quality, gives positive influence on the loyalty, However, in terms of system quality, it gives negative impact. Second, there were no significant changes on the moderating effect of motivation of smartphone use. In detail, the motivation… Expand
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