• Materials Science
  • Published 2006

석탄계 피치를 이용한 고밀도 흑연 제조

  title={석탄계 피치를 이용한 고밀도 흑연 제조},
  author={조광연 and 김경자 and 류도형 and 임광현 and 김정일 and 신인철 and 임연수 and 주혁종},
  • 조광연, 김경자, +5 authors 주혁종
Graphite has hexagonal closed packing structure with two bonding characteristics; (1) van der waals bonding between c axis, and (2) covalent bonding in the a and b axis. The weak van der waals bonds cause self-lubricant property, and the strong covalent bonds cause excellent electric and thermal con...