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비전정 및 비중격 질환에 대한 외측비일절개(Lateral Alotomy) 접근법

  title={비전정 및 비중격 질환에 대한 외측비일절개(Lateral Alotomy) 접근법},
  author={Seok-Gi Lee and Yu-Sam Jeong and Yeong-Ran Kim and H. Park and Y. Jang and B. Lee},
  journal={Korean Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-head and Neck Surgery},
There are many approaches for treatment ofnasal vestibular and septal lesions. Ifthe lateral alotomy approach is employed, nasal vestibular and septal lesions can be easily exposed and exdsed. We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages offhe lateral alotomy approach. Materials and Method : Our review ofthose who had been operated via la-teral alotomy approach included, 2 cases ofnasal vestibular papilloma, 1 squamous cell carcinoma, 1 angioldomyoma, 1 myxoid sarcoma or 1 septal perforation… Expand