• Mathematics
  • Published 2012

목적어 자리 ‘을/를’, ‘은/는’, 무표지 ‘Ø’의 대립적 특성 분석

  title={목적어 자리 ‘을/를’, ‘은/는’, 무표지 ‘{\O}’의 대립적 특성 분석},
The purpose of this research is to study the contrastive characteristics of postpositions ul/lul, un/nun, and null maker ‘O’ in the place of object NPs. These three postpositions are different in the part of sentence that contains recognizable sisters. A speaker recognizes not only a part of sentence, but also its recognizable sisters outside the range of what is expressed in a sentence. Ul/lul has recognizable sisters of object and chooses an expressed object among them. Un/nun used in the… CONTINUE READING