• Computer Science
  • Published 2010

모바일 SNS 기반 영어어휘학습에 나타난 학습자 반응 분석

  title={모바일 SNS 기반 영어어휘학습에 나타난 학습자 반응 분석},
  author={장은지 and 원은석 and 강경옥 and 정동빈},
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the university learner responses of mobile SNS messenger when compared with other teaching and learning materials. The subjects of this study was 39 university students in C university and the experiment was carried out for 8 weeks. The subjects were assigned to three groups as follows; (1) vocabulary learning through mobile SNS messenger (2) vocabulary learning through PC messenger (3) vocabulary learning through face-to-face communication… CONTINUE READING

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