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마코브 연산 기반의 함정 분산 제어망을 위한 실시간 고장 노드 탐지 기법 연구

  title={마코브 연산 기반의 함정 분산 제어망을 위한 실시간 고장 노드 탐지 기법 연구},
  author={노동희 and 김동성},
This paper proposes the enhanced faulty node detection scheme with hybrid algorithm using Markov-chain model on BCH (Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem) code in naval distributed control networked systems. The probabilistic model-driven approach, on Markov-chain model, in this paper uses the faulty weighting interval factors, which are based on the BCH code. In this scheme, the master node examines each slave-nodes continuously using three defined states : Good, Warning, Bad-state. These states change… Expand
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