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눈 영상의 히스토그램을 이용한 운전자의 졸음 상태 체크 시스템 개발

  title={눈 영상의 히스토그램을 이용한 운전자의 졸음 상태 체크 시스템 개발},
  author={강수민 and 허경무 and 양연모},
Approximately 23% of traffic accidents appear to be caused by drowsiness while driving. This fact shows that drowsy driving is a big factor in many traffic accidents. Therefore, the development of a drowsiness checking system is necessary to prevent drowsy driving. In this paper, we analyse the changes of the histogram of eye region images which are acquired using a CCD camera. We develop a drowsiness checking system using this histogram change information. The experimental results show that… Expand