• Geography
  • Published 2015

기상청 현업 모형(UM)과 1차원 난류모형(PAFOG)의 접합시스템 개발 및 검증

  title={기상청 현업 모형(UM)과 1차원 난류모형(PAFOG)의 접합시스템 개발 및 검증},
  author={김원흥 and 염성수},
As an attempt to improve fog predictability at Incheon International Airport (IIA) we couple the 3D weather forecasting model currently operational in Korea Meteorological Administration (regional Unified Model, UM_RE) with a 1D turbulence model (PAFOG). The coupling is done by extracting the meteorological data from the 3D model and properly inserting them in the PAFOG model as initial conditions and external forcing. The initial conditions include surface temperature, 2 m temperature and dew… CONTINUE READING