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골프장 코스내 잔디 가해 굼벵이 종류와 계절별 밀도 ( White Grubs in Turfgrasses of Golf Courses and Their Seasonal Density )

  title={골프장 코스내 잔디 가해 굼벵이 종류와 계절별 밀도 ( White Grubs in Turfgrasses of Golf Courses and Their Seasonal Density )},
  author={추호렬 and 이동운 and 이상명 and 권태웅 and 성영탁 and 조팔용},
  journal={Weed\&Turfgrass Science},
Pest categorisation of Exomala orientalis
A pest categorisation of Exomala orientalis (Coleoptera: Rutelidae) (Oriental beetle) for the EU found that it satisfies the criteria that are within the remit of EFSA to assess for it to be regarded as a potential Union regulated non‐quarantine pest.
Research Review on Turfgrass Insect Pests in Korea
. Insect pests have been one of the main constraints affecting turf sod cultivation areas, playgrounds, parks, golf courses, airports and other related recreational grounds. However, turfgrass
Insecticidal Activity of Essential Oils against Whitegrub
Anise oil, linseed oil, and teatree oil were highly effective among tested essential oils against 3rd instar of Bifurcanmala aulax in cap vial experiment, however, anise and linseed oils showed low mortality against 3 third instars of Popillia japonica in pot greenhouse experiment.
Distribution and Adult Activity of Popillia quadriguttata (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) on Golf Courses in Korea
Japanese beetle traps baited with the Popillia japonica Newman (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) pheromone lure and a eugenol feeding attractant were placed at five golf courses in Korea to evaluate as potential biocontrol organisms for the very closely related species, the Japanese beetle.
Entomopathogenic nematodes (Steinernema spp. and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora) and a fungus Beauveria brongniartii for biological control of the white grubs, Ectinohoplia rufipes and Exomala orientalis, in Korean golf courses
The high efficacy of the nematode and most fungal treatments was attributed to the close proximity of the white grubs to the soilsurface which allowed for excellent pathogen-host contact and to favorable soiltemperatures, sandy soil, post irrigation application and/or rain and a minimal thatchlayer in the turfgrass.
Life History and Spatial Distribution of Oriental Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Golf Courses in Korea
Larval and adult activity of the oriental beetle Exomala orientalis (Waterhouse) was investigated at four golf clubs in Pusan, Korea, from 1995 to 1999, and the intensity of emergence was inversely proportional to the amount of golfer traffic on various parts of the green.