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곤충세포에서 사람파필로마바이러스 16형 L1 재조합 단백질의 생산 및 바이러스 유사 입자분리

  title={곤충세포에서 사람파필로마바이러스 16형 L1 재조합 단백질의 생산 및 바이러스 유사 입자분리},
  author={강병태 and 신원 and 진승원 and 이희구 and 임종석 and 정현호 and 김현수 and 유왕돈 and 박순희},
  journal={Journal of Bacteriology and Virology},
The L1 capsid protein of Human Papillomavirus(HPV) type 16 was expressed in Sf-21 insect cells via a baculovirus vector. The gene coding Ll ORF beginning at the second methionine was cloned into pBacPAK1 expression vector. Recombinant Ll protein was confirmed by 12% SDS- PAGE followed by Western blotting with monoclonal antibody against HPV 16L1. The L1 protein was expressed at high level and detected at the mobility of 56 Kda. But HPV 6bL1 antibody did not react with recombinant L1 protein… Expand
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