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고분자 첨가제에 의한 OTEC용 판형 열교환기의 마찰저항감소 효과 연구

  title={고분자 첨가제에 의한 OTEC용 판형 열교환기의 마찰저항감소 효과 연구},
  author={김능수 and 윤석만 and 김종보 and 정동수 and 서태범 and 최형진 and 천원기},
  • 김능수, 윤석만, +4 authors 천원기
  • Published 1997
  • Materials Science
  • Experimental investigation has been carried out to determine drag reducing effects of polymer additives for a plate type heat exchanger (evaporator or condenser) in OTEC power plant applications, where the pressure drop in the heat exchangers takes up 70-80% of the total pumping power in the existing system. The rate of drag reduction was investigated with various polymer concentrations and mass flow rates. Experiments were undertaken for a test section in Alfa-Laval plate heat exchanger… CONTINUE READING

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