• Medicine
  • Published 2008

건강검진 수진자들의 비만유형과 관상동맥질환 위험인자와의 관련성

  title={건강검진 수진자들의 비만유형과 관상동맥질환 위험인자와의 관련성},
  author={조주연 and 박재용 and 한창현},
Objectives: The objective of this study was held for prevention of coronary artery disease and improvement of health of local community residents by classifying the obesity types of their waist circumference and BMI, and appraising the coronary artery disease risk factors(CRF). Methods: We analyzed the data on the 1,914 adult cases (1,156 male and 758 female) during Nov, 2006 to Mar. 2007 on a general hospital in Daegu city, Korea. The obesity types in this research were classified into normal… CONTINUE READING